The classic one-woman cabaret show is a rare animal in Seattle's nightlife scene. But, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of producer/writer/director Martin (Annie) Charnin, the Crepe De Paris is hosting actress/singer Shelly Burch's delightful, lightly autobiographical "There's Always One More Song to Sing."

"There's Always One More Song to Sing" is a polished, upbeat evening performed by the warm, good-humored and vocally rich Ms. Burch, who seems so happy and open onstage that it is contagious; I found myself smiling unabashedly from start to finish of the tight 75 minute set.

Burch has a great handle on all the songs relating them to her life story as she goes. Her warmth overflows in the beautiful "Sing Me Pretty", and "Will Thee Marry Me?"; she savors but does not over-dramatize the irony of "The Best Thing You've Ever Done"; and aces the comedy of "Special Skills". Her non-musical recounting of the trials and travails of her "One Life to Live" character is achingly funny, whether you've ever watched soap or not. The song choices for the show are especially successful in illustrating her impressive vocal range, in addition to her adept shading and coloring of lyrics.

This show deserves to find a big, appreciative audience."
--David-Edward Hughes, Talkin'Broadway

"One strong voice in "One More Song to Sing" at the Crepe de Paris. This is her story... an irrepressibly jazzy side to her... Burch has the pipes and the timing to carry it off."
--John Hartl, Seattle Times